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Shaoqiang Chenpseudonym“Fou Chi”or“Follower of Wu”and“Zhi Yuan”or“Learning from Afar”. Master Chen is a Yihong Culture Communication Distinguished International Artist,Nanning Yihong Fine Art School Distinguished Art Teacher to the United States,Yihong Culture Communication Distinguished International Art Juror, Richmond Painting and Calligraphy Club board member. Master Chen is the founder of “Heaven Style” painting. He learned Painting,Calligraphy and Seal Cutting from Master Hong Huang,who is the standing director of Guangxi Calligraphy & Painting Research Institute and founder of Yihong Fine Art School,China. Master Chen is an expert at Mountains- and- Waters painting,Flower- Bird painting,regular script in small characters calligraphy, running script calligraphy and seal carving. He has won many awards in national and international art exhibitions and competitions.


Master Chen developed his painting skills by researching ancient masters and learning from nature. He has conducted studies on masterpieces from Song(960—1279), Yuan (1206—1368), Ming (1368—1644), Qing (1616—1911) dynasties as well as contemporary masterpieces. For calligraphy,he developed the techniques by researching calligraphy works from Jin (265—420) and Tang(618—907) dynasties, and has been specializing in Master Wu Changshuo style from Qing dynasty. In seal carving art,he has extensively experienced ancient seals in Qin (221 BC- 206 BC) and Han (206 BC- 220 AD) dynasties,and studied various schools of Ming and Qing dynasties. Master Chen’s Mountains- and- Waters painting works are usually created in simple and refreshed structures,with bold and vigorous strokes. His works completely and beautifully integrate ancient skills with contemporary stroke styles. In developing Flower-Bird painting, based on Song and Yuan dynasties meticulous style strokes,Master Chen created the “Heaven Style”painting consisting of an overlook perspective. The“Heaven Style”painting can optimize the performance of ink and watercolor which is considered to be a breakthrough for traditional painting.


Master Chen broke through the formalization creations in the painting field which has last for years. He advocates learning from nature,and has extended traditional artistic skills to express the contemporary contents. He has vividly described his real life feeling and true disposition by painting. Everything he did has not only helped better spread the traditional Chinese art, but also further improved spiritual connotation of Chinese art,which brings new thinking to the field.



陈绍强号“缶痴”,“知远”, 一泓文化传播公司特聘海外书画篆刻家,广西南宁市一泓美术学校特聘驻美书画教师,一泓文化传播公司评审部特约海外评委,美国里士满书画协会理事。“天堂式”画法及画派的创始人。师从书画篆刻家黄泓,擅长山水,花鸟,小楷,行书及篆刻,多次获得国家级和国际展赛大奖。





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